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Cooling Tower Fans

Hudson Tuf-Lite II® Cooling Tower Fan Assemblies
Tuf-Lite II 4000 Series
Tuf-Lite II 5000 Series
Tuf-Lite II 6000 Series
Tuf-Lite II 8000 Series
Hudson Tuf-Lite III® Cooling Tower Fan Assemblies
Tuf-Lite III 3000 Series
Tuf-Lite III 5000 Series
Tuf-Lite III 6000 Series
Hudson Tuf-Lite IV® Cooling Tower Fan Assemblies
Tuf-Lite IV 5000M Series
Tuf-Lite IV 6000M Series
Marley® Cooling Tower Fan Assemblies
Marley ® Series
Replacement Fan Blades for Hudson Cooling Tower Fans
Tuf-Lite II Fan Blades
Tuf-Lite III Fan Blades
Cofimco Fans
  • Cooling Tower Depot® handles all Cofimco Aluminum and FRP fans and replacement parts.
  • Call or email for pricing and delivery. Most products are stocked at Chesapeake, VA factory.
  • Click on Tuf-Lite III® for comparative pricing.
  • Pricing available upon request for:
  • Tuf-Lite® Series Fans (Black Blade)
  • Tuf-Lite®, Tuf-Lite II®, and Tuf-Lite III® Hubs and Hardware
  • Online Fan Selection Program coming soon!