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Here is a brief overview of Cooling Tower Depot and our many services. Giving you an understand as to why we are, The Depot of All Cooling Towers.
Take a tour of the CTD mobile classroom with Brandon Rees. If you or your team would like to schedule a time for us to come out, please contact us.
Here is a video showcasing our hard working employees as they keep their essential work going during this trying Covid-19 shutdown.
Cooling Tower Depot stands ready to assist with damage from the 2021 hurricane season.
At Cooling Tower Depot, we are first on the ground and first in the sky surveying damage from Hurricanes. Call us today to utilize our services ahead of the storm, or schedule an inspection to get you operating again as soon as possible.
Wood to Fiberglass Repairs | This is a showcase of a conversion from wood to fiberglass at a powerplant in Amarillo Texas.